72 Dragons

Statement of Privacy Policies and Practices

  1. Privacy Policies

    1. The Dragon Year Limited ("72 Dragons") treats protection of privacy in relation to personal date very seriously. All personal data collected by 72 Dragons shall be treated with respect and we are committed to comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of Hong Kong and to best endeavour implement the codes of practice issued by the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data.

  2. Types of Personal Data Held

    1. Serving and former employees of 72 Dragons under employment, including personal particulars, education and qualifications, employment history, salary and allowances, terms and conditions of service, rank and post, training, appraisal reports, promotion board assessments, conduct and discipline, awards, benefits, medical records, leave and passages, retirement and pension, professional qualifications, Mandatory Provident Fund and provident fund account details, and legal assistance.

    2. Current and former volunteers/interns of 72 Dragons whether paid or unpaid, including personal particulars, education and qualifications, employment history, salary and allowances, terms and conditions of service, rank and post, training, and awards.

    3. 72 Dragons may also hold personal data of other members of the public who uses the 72 Dragons' services, including:-

      1. Personal particulars, education and qualifications, employment history, terms and conditions of service.

      2. Personal usage behaviours, patterns, records, and communications via the Website.

      3. Persons lodging complaints, making general enquiries and requesting for personal data or information under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) and Code on Access to Information.

  3. Main Purposes of Holding Personal Data

    1. 72 Dragons collects and maintains personal data for the following purposes:-

      1. Conduct or research studies, invitation of participation in programmes/activities, assessment of content submitted, assessment of qualifications, monitoring of employees, users, and their progress, processing of applications for reimbursement of fees, assessment of nominations and dissemination of awards, verification of assessment, planning, provision, development, implementation and recording of services, referral and placement, and education researches.

      2. Performing a range of employment-related purposes, such as appointments, integrity checking, postings and transfers, offer/renewal/extension of agreements, incremental credit, training and career development, revision of terms or conditions of service, promotion, conduct and discipline, legal assistance, benefits, continuation in or removal from office, provision of testimonials and evidence if required by a competent authority or under proper order by the courts.

      3. To better enhance 72 Dragons' services to be provided to its consumers and to implement better algorithms into our internal and external system.

      4. Recruitment, administering, servicing, administration of various schemes, arrangement of payments for services delivered, dealing with complaints and enquiries or requests for personal data and information.

  4. Disclosure of Personal Data

    1. 72 Dragons does not share any personally-identifiable or private information of users with third parties other than an associate party of 72 Dragons for quality of services assessment, administrative purposes, and/or to provide certain services required by its business, unless with consent or as required to do so under the applicable laws.

  5. Data Access or Correction Requests

    1. Data access or correction requests may be made in writing by letter. Requests should be addressed to Will@72dragons.com

    2. 72 Dragons may impose a reasonable charge to cover the costs of producing copies of personal data.